How to Make a Cozy T-Shirt Blanket in 5 Easy Steps

  • Ella Jubaedah
  • May 11, 2023
How to Make a Cozy T-Shirt Blanket in 5 Easy Steps

The Benefits of Making a Tshirt Blanket Yourself

Making a t-shirt blanket yourself can provide numerous benefits. It is a great way to preserve memories associated with your old t-shirts. T-shirts are comfortable to wear, and they come in different colours and sizes. Each t-shirt has its unique design, logo, and text, and it represents who we are. However, we don’t always wear our t-shirts, and they end up occupying space in our closets. Creating a t-shirt blanket is perfect for repurposing these shirts and transforming them into something you can use, admire, and remember for years to come. The following are some of the benefits of making a t-shirt blanket yourself.

It is Cost-Effective

Buying a blanket can be expensive, and the cost increases if you want the blanket customized. When making your t-shirt blanket, you will purchase the materials required, which will include the fusible interfacing, basic sewing supplies, and the t-shirts. You can save money by purchasing fewer materials and using the t-shirts you already have. With the help of a sewing machine, you can decrease the cost and create something that reflects your personality and style.

It’s a Sustainable Practice

Creating a t-shirt blanket is also an eco-friendly practice. By using old clothes to make something new, you avoid contributing to the vast amounts of textile waste produced each year. Repurposing old t-shirts saves them from being thrown away, which reduces the environmental impact of textile waste. By making your t-shirt blanket, you not only reduce your carbon footprint but also promote sustainability and environmental responsibility.

A Unique and Personalized Blanket

When making a t-shirt blanket yourself, you can choose the t-shirts you want to use, including those that hold particular memories and milestones. This way, you can create a unique blanket that reflects your life experiences, your interests, and your personality. A t-shirt blanket can be an excellent conversation starter, and each shirt will have its own story to tell. Making a t-shirt blanket is an opportunity to showcase your creativity and individuality.

A Useful and Comfortable Blanket

A t-shirt blanket is made up of soft and comfortable materials that are gentle on the skin. The t-shirts add warmth, texture, and personality to the blanket, making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Unlike woolen blankets which can be scratchy, t-shirt blankets are gentle and snuggly. They are perfect for curling up with on the sofa, watching a movie, or reading a book.

A Fun and Enjoyable Activity

Making a t-shirt blanket can be a fun and enjoyable activity for individuals or groups. It is an opportunity to channel your creativity and to express yourself. A t-shirt blanket is an easy project, and it requires minimal sewing skills. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, making a t-shirt blanket can be an exciting challenge.

A Way to Declutter your Closet

Consolidating your old shirts into a t-shirt blanket is a great way to declutter your closet. You can free up space in your closet, and in the process, create something unique that will preserve your memories. When creating a t-shirt blanket, you don’t have to limit yourself to your t-shirts only, you can include clothing items like sweatshirts, hoodies, and jerseys that you no longer wear.

In conclusion, making a t-shirt blanket is an affordable, fun, and sustainable activity that creates a useful and personalized comfort item. It is an opportunity to relive old memories, promote sustainability, and showcase your personality. It is also an excellent way to declutter and repurpose old clothing. The benefits of making a t-shirt blanket yourself are numerous, and they contribute to your physical and emotional well-being.

The Materials You Need for a Tshirt Blanket DIY

T-shirt blankets are a great way to bring your old, favorite t-shirts back to life. They are an easy and fun DIY project, and with the right materials, you can make a cozy and personalized blanket in no time. Here is everything you need to know about the materials you need for a t-shirt blanket DIY.


The first thing you need is a collection of t-shirts. Gather up your old, worn-out, or beloved t-shirts that you don’t use anymore. You can use t-shirts that have sentimental value, or just use shirts that have cool designs or patterns. Make sure the t-shirts are clean and free of any holes or stains. You will need around 12 to 20 shirts for a standard-sized blanket, depending on the size of the shirts.

Alternatively, you can always purchase new blank t-shirts and decorate them yourselves if you want to create a specific theme for your blanket. This would allow you to have more creative control over the design. Regardless, the t-shirts should all be made of the same material and weight so they don’t stretch differently when you sew them together.


The next material you need is the backing fabric. Flannel or fleece fabric makes for an excellent and cozy backing. Both fabrics are soft and warm, making them great to snuggle up in. You will need enough fabric to fit the size of your t-shirts and also a little extra to trim and work with when sewing. Choose a fabric color that complements your t-shirt designs.


The thread you choose can make a significant difference in the longevity of your blanket. Choose a good quality, strong thread that matches the color of your t-shirts and fabric. While white or black threads work well for most blankets, you may choose to use a matching color for a more polished look.

Sewing Machine:

Having a sewing machine will make the process easier, faster, and also more uniform. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can still make the blanket by hand with needle and thread, but it will take longer and be more tedious. If you plan to invest in a sewing machine, look for one that can sew through multiple layers of fabric, such as quilting sewing machines, which are designed for thicker layers of fabric. It will be a worthwhile investment.

Tape Measure:

A tape measure is essential for ensuring the overall size of your blanket is correct. Be sure to measure both the t-shirt squares and the backing fabric squares. This will help you create an even-sized blanket and make sewing the squares together easier.

Rotary Cutter and Cutting Mat:

A rotary cutter is a sharp, circular blade on a handle that can cut through several layers of fabric at once. It is an efficient and easy way to cut the t-shirt and backing fabric squares. A cutting mat is a self-healing mat that you use underneath the fabric while cutting, so you don’t damage your table or surface. Both of these items make the cutting process much faster and easier.

With these previous items, you’ll have all you need to start sewing your very own t-shirt blanket. Now, simply choose your shirts, gather your supplies, and get ready for a fun and rewarding DIY project.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Tshirt Blanket

Making a tshirt blanket is not only a fun DIY project, but it’s also a great way to repurpose old shirts and create a cozy and sentimental item. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your tshirt blanket:

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Before starting this project, it’s important to gather all the necessary materials. You’ll need:

  • 15-20 T-shirts
  • Sharp scissors
  • A cutting mat
  • A ruler or straight edge
  • A sewing machine or needle and thread
  • A backing fabric (optional)

Make sure the T-shirts are clean, and choose shirts that you want to include in the blanket. You can use shirts from concerts, sports teams, vacation spots, or any other memorable event.

Step 2: Cut the Shirts

Once you have your shirts ready, it’s time to start cutting them into squares. Decide on the size you want your squares to be, and use a ruler or straight edge to mark the measurements on the shirt. Some people prefer to use a 12×12 inch square, while others choose a different size.

After measuring and marking the shirts, use sharp scissors to cut along the lines. Be sure to cut through both the front and back layers of the shirt, so you’re left with a square piece of fabric. Repeat this process for all of your shirts.

Keep in mind that some shirts may have designs or graphics that you want to include in the blanket. When cutting those shirts, make sure to center the design in the square, so it’s not cut off.

Step 3: Arrange the Squares

Once you’ve cut all your shirts into squares, it’s time to lay them out and arrange them in a pattern. This step requires some creativity and planning, so take your time and play around with different combinations until you find a layout that you like.

You can create a simple pattern by alternating between light and dark colors or a more complex design by placing certain shirts next to each other. Some people choose to place shirts that have a special significance, such as a graduation shirt or a shirt from a milestone birthday, front and center in the blanket.

Another option is to use a backing fabric to encase the T-shirts. This is a great way to add durability and texture to the blanket. If you choose to use a backing fabric, cut it to the size of the blanket and place it underneath the T-shirt squares.

Step 4: Sew the Squares

After arranging the squares, it’s time to start sewing them together. You can use a sewing machine or needle and thread to sew the squares together. It’s important to use a zigzag stitch to prevent the fabric from fraying.

Start by sewing two squares together along one side. Then, continue sewing more squares together until you have a row. Repeat this process until all the squares are sewn together, creating a full blanket top.

If you are using a backing fabric, pin the top layer (the T-shirt squares) to the backing fabric and sew them together around the edges. Leave a small opening to turn the blanket right-side out.

Step 5: Finish the Blanket

After sewing all the squares together, it’s time to finish the blanket. Turn the blanket right-side out and sew up the opening. Iron the blanket to smooth out any wrinkles or creases.

Optionally, you can add a border by sewing a strip of fabric around the outside edge of the blanket. This gives the blanket a clean, finished look and adds an extra touch of personality.

Now, your tshirt blanket is complete! Enjoy snuggling up with your new cozy and sentimental item.

Tips and Tricks for Creating a Durable and Comfortable Tshirt Blanket

T-shirt blankets are an excellent way to preserve memories and stay warm during the winter months. They can be made from a variety of t-shirts, and many people use t-shirts with sentimental value to create a personalized blanket. While t-shirt blankets are easy to make, creating a durable and comfortable blanket requires some specific techniques. In this article, we will provide you with tips and tricks for creating a durable and comfortable t-shirt blanket.

1. Plan out the design of the blanket beforehand

Before you begin cutting up your t-shirts, plan out the design of the blanket. Consider the size of the blanket, the number of t-shirts you have, and the colors of the t-shirts. You can arrange the t-shirts in a specific pattern or randomly place them. By planning out the design beforehand, you can ensure that you have enough t-shirts to make the size of the blanket you want and that your design is cohesive.

2. Use interfacing to make the t-shirts more durable

Interfacing is a material that is used to stabilize fabric. It adds strength and durability to the fabric and can help prevent fraying. When making a t-shirt blanket, using interfacing can make the blanket more durable and long-lasting. You can buy interfacing at any fabric store, and it is easy to use. Simply iron the interfacing onto the back of the t-shirt before cutting it up and including it in the blanket.

3. Use a rotary cutter and cutting mat for precise cutting

When cutting up your t-shirts, it is important to make precise cuts to ensure that the pieces fit together properly. Using a rotary cutter and cutting mat can help you make clean and accurate cuts. These tools are commonly found in fabric stores and can save you time and frustration when cutting up your t-shirts. Be sure to use a ruler or straight edge as a guide when cutting to ensure that your cuts are straight and even.

4. Use a high-quality batting for warmth and comfort

A batting is the material that is used to provide insulation and warmth to the blanket. When making a t-shirt blanket, it is important to choose a high-quality batting that is warm and comfortable. Cotton batting is a popular choice for t-shirt blankets because it is natural, breathable, and easy to work with. When choosing a batting, consider the weight, warmth, and loft of the material to ensure that it meets your needs.

If you want your t-shirt blanket to be extra warm and cozy, consider adding a layer of flannel or fleece to the top or bottom of the batting. This will provide an extra layer of insulation and make the blanket feel softer and more comfortable.


Making a t-shirt blanket is an excellent way to preserve memories and stay warm during the winter months. By following these tips and tricks, you can create a durable and comfortable t-shirt blanket that will last for years to come. Remember to plan out the design of the blanket, use interfacing for durability, use a rotary cutter and cutting mat for precise cutting, and choose a high-quality batting for warmth and comfort.

Creative Ideas for Personalizing Your Tshirt Blanket

Having a t-shirt blanket is a cozy and sentimental way to keep memories of the most important moments of your life. Collecting all those shirts that represent your trips, concerts, sport teams, favorite movies and TV shows, or any other significant activity, can be a fun process. But personalizing your t-shirt blanket with different creative ideas can make it even more special and unique. Here are five ideas to get you started!

Add Embroidery

One way to personalize your t-shirt blanket is by adding embroidery. You can choose a quote that is meaningful to you, your name, the date of a special event, or anything else that is significant to you. Embroidery can make your t-shirt blanket look more elegant and sophisticated, and it adds an extra touch that makes it even more sentimental.

You can do the embroidery yourself with a sewing machine or by hand, or you can hire someone who has the skills and expertise to do it for you. Another option is to use iron-on letters, which are easy to use and create a professional-looking design without having to sew anything.

Add Lace or Pom-Poms

If you want to add a touch of creativity and personality, consider adding lace or pom-poms to your t-shirt blanket. Lace can be added around the edges, or wherever you want to create a feminine and delicate look. Pom-poms can create a fun and playful design that adds a happy and youthful vibe to your t-shirt blanket.

To add lace or pom-poms to your t-shirt blanket, all you need is a needle and thread. You can either sew them by hand or use a sewing machine if you have one.

Add Pockets

If you want to add functionality and convenience to your t-shirt blanket, consider adding pockets. You can use the pockets to store your phone, remote control, glasses, or any other small items that you might need while you are using the t-shirt blanket.

To add pockets to your t-shirt blanket, you will need some fabric and basic sewing skills. Cut the fabric into the size and shape of the pocket you want, then sew it onto the front or back of the t-shirt directly or by creating separate pieces that you sew onto the blanket.

Use Different Shapes and Sizes

You don’t have to limit your t-shirt blanket to the standard square or rectangular shape. Using different shapes and sizes can add an artistic element and make your t-shirt blanket stand out from others. You can make it round, hexagonal, or even create a custom shape that represents something that is significant to you.

When using different shapes and sizes, it is important to be mindful of how the shirts will fit together. Creating a pattern ahead of time can help you visualize how the shirts will look and avoid any awkward seams or cuts.

Add Fabric Paint or Markers

If you want to add a bit of color or make your t-shirt blanket more vibrant, consider adding fabric paint or markers. You can use them to draw pictures, write words, or create designs that represent your personality or the memories associated with each shirt.

To add fabric paint or markers to your t-shirt blanket, all you need is a steady hand and some creativity. You can use stencils or freehand the design. Just remember that fabric paint needs to be heat-set before washing, so read the instructions carefully before using it.

These are just a few creative ideas for personalizing your t-shirt blanket. The key is to be creative and use your imagination to create a design that represents you and your memories. Whether it’s adding embroidery, lace or pom-poms, pockets, different shapes and sizes, or fabric paint or markers, there are many fun and unique ways to make your t-shirt blanket a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

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