10 DIY Bed Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Space

  • Ella Jubaedah
  • Jun 30, 2023
10 DIY Bed Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Types of Bed Storage Solutions You Can DIY

Do you want to get organized but don’t know where to start? A good place to begin is with your sleeping space. Did you know that you could create more storage under your bed? Here are some fantastic DIY bed storage solutions:

1. Bed with drawers

A bed with drawers is a practical and stylish option for DIY storage. The drawers provide ample storage space, and they come in different sizes, so you can customize them for your specific needs. The bed can be made from scratch or converted from an existing one

When making a bed with drawers from scratch, you’ll need to begin by measuring your mattress to ensure that the frame fits perfectly. Next, decide on the dimensions of each drawer. It’s important to keep the weight of the drawers in mind while creating them. The material of the bed should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the mattress, the drawers, and the items stored in the drawers.

You can use plywood to make the frame and drawers, and you’ll need hardware like drawer slides to ensure that the drawers open and close smoothly. You can also add decorative touches like handles or knobs to the drawers.

This DIY storage bed is perfect for small rooms, shared spaces, and anyone who wants additional storage in their sleeping area. You can store clothes, shoes, linens, books, and other items under the bed, keeping them out of sight and freeing up space in other parts of the room.

2. Platform bed with storage

A platform bed with storage is another great DIY storage solution for your sleeping space. This bed is perfect for those who want extra storage but don’t want to sacrifice style. The platform bed has a sleek, modern design that can elevate the look of any room.

As with the bed with drawers, you’ll need to create a frame that fits your mattress. You can use plywood to make the platform, and you’ll need lumber to create the legs. You can customize the height of the platform to your liking, and you can add drawers or cubbies for storage.

The cubbies can be on the sides of the bed or at the foot of the bed. You can use baskets or decorative boxes to store items in the cubbies, or you can leave them open for a minimalist look. The drawers can be made with hardware like drawer slides, and you can have as many or as few as you like.

This DIY storage bed is perfect for those who want a modern, contemporary look in their sleeping space. It’s also great for those who want extra storage but don’t want to give up floor space.

3. Bed risers with storage

Another way to create DIY bed storage is to use bed risers. Bed risers are blocks that you place under the legs of your bed frame to raise it off the ground. This creates additional space under the bed where you can store items.

You can find bed risers in different sizes and materials, including plastic, wood, and metal. You can also find bed risers with built-in storage, such as cubbies or drawers. These are perfect for those who want extra storage but don’t want to make major changes to their bed frame.

Bed risers are a simple and affordable DIY storage solution. They’re also great for those who have limited DIY skills or don’t have the time to make major changes to their sleeping space.

4. Under-bed storage boxes

Finally, another DIY bed storage solution is to use under-bed storage boxes. Under-bed storage boxes are boxes that fit under your bed frame and can be used to store a variety of items.

You can find under-bed storage boxes in different sizes and materials, including plastic, fabric, and wicker. You can also find under-bed storage boxes with lids to protect your items from dust and light. These boxes are perfect for those who want extra storage but don’t want to make major changes to their bed frame.

Under-bed storage boxes are a simple and affordable DIY storage solution. They’re also great for those who have limited DIY skills or don’t have the time to make major changes to their sleeping space.

In conclusion, there are several DIY bed storage solutions that you can use to organize your sleeping space. Whether you choose a bed with drawers, a platform bed with storage, bed risers with storage, or under-bed storage boxes, you’ll be able to free up space in your room and keep your belongings tidy.

How to Plan and Design Your DIY Bed Storage

Bed storage can make your bedroom functional, organized, and clutter-free. Ideally, you want to create a storage solution that works for you while complementing your room’s decor. Fortunately, with a little planning and creativity, you can make your own bed storage that ticks all the boxes. Here’s how to plan and design your DIY bed storage:

1. Evaluate Your Storage Needs

The first step in planning your DIY bed storage is to evaluate your storage needs. Begin by assessing the kinds of items you need to store and how much space they will require. Do you need to store clothing, bed linen, shoes, or books? Knowing what you want to store will help you determine the size, shape, and type of storage unit you need.

You also want to consider how accessible your storage needs to be. Would you prefer storage that you can easily slide in and out from under your bed, or storage that is within arm’s reach? Understanding your storage needs will ensure that you create a bed storage solution that meets these needs.

2. Choose Your DIY Bed Storage Design

Once you have a clear idea of your storage needs, it’s time to pick a DIY bed storage design. There are several options to choose from, including under-bed storage drawers, storage crates on wheels, and bed platforms with built-in storage. You could even repurpose old dresser drawers or shelves by attaching castors to the bottom and sliding them under your bed.

If you decide to build a bed platform, consider incorporating cabinets, shelves, or drawers. With the right materials and tools, you can create beautiful and practical storage solutions that seamlessly integrate into your bedroom decor.

3. Determine the Right Materials

When planning your DIY bed storage, choosing the right materials is critical to achieving a durable and aesthetically pleasing storage solution. The types of materials you choose will depend on your desired bed storage design. For example, if you’re building an under-bed storage case, you may need sturdy wood boards and screws.

If you’re building a platform bed with storage drawers, you’ll want to use high-quality wood and hardware such as drawer slides and knobs. For storage crates, you could use plywood, which is easy to cut, and attach castors for mobility. Remember that the materials you choose will affect the overall look, feel, and functionality of your storage unit.

4. Take Accurate Measurements

Before you start building your bed storage, you need to measure everything out. Accurate measurements are crucial to ensure that your bed storage fits perfectly under your bed and complements the rest of your room. Start by measuring the height, length, and width of your available storage space, including the distance between the bed base and the floor.

Next, measure the internal dimensions of your storage unit. This will ensure that your chosen storage containers, whether drawers, crates or shelves, will fit perfectly into the space. Accurate measurements are essential in planning, designing, and building a functional and beautiful DIY bed storage.

5. Gather Your Tools and Supplies

Now that you’ve planned and designed your DIY bed storage, you have all the information you need to gather the right tools and supplies. The type of tools and supplies you need will depend on your storage design and materials. Essential tools you may need include a saw, drill, screwdriver, nails, screws, and paint or finish if you want to add a personal touch.

When choosing your tools, ensure that they are of good quality and suitable for the materials you are working with. Having the right tools makes the job easier, allowing you to create a DIY bed storage unit that is sturdy, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

With these planning and design steps, you can create a DIY bed storage unit that is both practical and beautiful. Remember to evaluate your storage needs, choose your DIY bed storage design, determine the right materials, take accurate measurements, and gather your tools and supplies. By doing so, your project will be off to a successful start, with a bed storage unit that fits your needs and enhances the look and feel of your room.

Creative Ideas for Decorating and Styling Your Bed Storage

Having storage under your bed is an excellent way to save space and keep your bedroom organized. However, that doesn’t mean it should be boring and uninviting. Here are some creative ideas to transform your bed storage into a functional and stylish feature of your bedroom.

1. Try a Platform Bed with Built-in Storage

If you’re in the market for a new bed, consider purchasing a platform bed with built-in storage. These beds come with drawers or shelves installed under the bed frame, which provides a space-saving solution for your bedroom storage needs. Not only are platform beds practical, but also they offer a modern aesthetic that can elevate your bedroom’s look and feel.

2. Use Bed Risers for Extra Storage Space

If you don’t have built-in storage under your bed, you can create extra space by using bed risers. These risers lift your bed a few inches off the ground, with enough clearance to store boxes or baskets under your bed. You can use this space to store shoes, bedding, or other household items that you don’t need access to on a daily basis.

3. Add a Storage Bench at the Foot of Your Bed

If you have space at the end of your bed, consider adding a storage bench or ottoman. These furniture pieces not only add a stylish touch to your bedroom, but they also offer a practical solution for storing bed linens or out-of-season clothes. Plus, a bench or ottoman can serve as a comfortable seating option to read, put on shoes, or get ready in the morning.

4. Use Decorative Boxes and Baskets to Organize Your Bed Storage

When it comes to organizing your bed storage, you don’t have to rely on boring plastic bins. Instead, opt for decorative boxes and baskets that can add a pop of color and texture to your bedroom. Woven baskets made from natural materials like seagrass or jute can add a rustic or bohemian feel to your decor. On the other hand, colorful fabric boxes or metallic canisters can provide a modern or glam touch. Sort your items in baskets or boxes by category, such as socks, accessories, or books, to make it easier to find what you need.

5. Add Some Personality with Art and Decor

Your bed storage doesn’t have to exist in isolation, separate from the rest of your bedroom decor. In fact, you can use the space under your bed to display art or decorative objects that reflect your personal style. For example, you can hang a tapestry or rug on the wall behind your bed to create a statement feature. Alternatively, you can place a colorful vase or figurine on top of a shelf or bookcase in your bed storage area.

Overall, your bed storage can be both functional and decorative. By incorporating custom pieces, creative organizers, and stylish decorations, you can transform your bed storage into an inviting and practical part of your bedroom decor.

Tips and Tricks for Maintaining and Upgrading Your DIY Bed Storage

DIY bed storage can be a great solution for anyone who is short on storage space, looking for a unique piece of furniture, or just enjoys a good project. Whether you are building from scratch or repurposing an existing piece of furniture, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you maintain and upgrade your DIY bed storage. Here are five things to keep in mind.

1. Consider the weight capacity

When planning your DIY bed storage project, it’s important to consider the weight capacity of your storage system. This will typically depend on the materials you are using and the design of your storage system. If you plan on storing heavy items such as books, bedding, or even clothing, you may want to invest in heavier duty brackets or supports to ensure the safety and stability of your bed storage system.

It’s also important to check the weight capacity of your bed frame to ensure that it can support the added weight of your storage system.

2. Keep it organized

One of the benefits of DIY bed storage is the ability to customize your storage system to fit your specific needs. However, it’s important to keep your storage organized to ensure that it remains functional and easy to use. Consider adding dividers or labels to help keep items separated and make it easier to find what you are looking for. Keeping your storage system organized can also help prevent damage to your items from shifting or falling during use.

3. Repurpose materials

If you are on a budget or looking to reduce waste, consider repurposing materials for your DIY bed storage system. Old pallets, doors, or even crates can be transformed into unique and functional storage solutions. Not only will this help reduce waste, but it can also add character and style to your bedroom.

4. Upgrade the aesthetic

DIY bed storage doesn’t have to be boring. Consider adding a fresh coat of paint, decorative handles, or even lighting to elevate the aesthetic of your storage system. Not only will this make your storage more visually appealing, but it can also help tie it into the overall design of your bedroom.

5. Incorporate hidden storage

If you are looking to maximize your storage space, consider incorporating hidden storage into your DIY bed storage system. This can include under-bed storage drawers or even a lifting mechanism that reveals a hidden storage compartment underneath your mattress. Not only can this help reduce clutter in your bedroom, but it can also add an element of surprise to your bed storage system.

By keeping these tips and tricks in mind, you can maintain and upgrade your DIY bed storage system to fit your unique needs and style.

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